Shropshire Design Duo Seek Your Votes

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Helen Foot and Kate Millbank seek your votes on Fund 101, raising money for their innovative and sustainable Shropshire inspired Tweed.


Helen is a woven textile designer based in Shrewsbury, Shropshire. She gained a Masters from the Royal College of Art in 2010 and has been building up her own design business for just over a year. Through an introduction by a mutual friend sherecently formed a new creative collaboration, Millbank and Foot, with designer Kate Millbank ( She is a womenswear graduate from Central St Martins with a MSc in sustainability. By combining our skills of tailoring, sustainable design and woven textiles we aim to produce a range of innovative Tweed fabrics.

Pushing the boundaries and traditional concept of tweed fabric, Millbank and Foot will inject a contemporary feel to our Shropshire Tweed products. Vibrant and acidic colours inspired by rare local lichens will be used alongside natural hues present in the surrounding landscape. Woven designs and tailoring details will be informed by traditional timber frame structures from the area, and combined with cellular patterns inspired by biological drawings from Darwin’s nature and evolutionary studies. We envisage the fabric collection to be used in a variety of outcomes from more traditional tailored womenswear to contemporary conceptual art pieces.

Yarn will be sourced from British spinners and manufacturing from UK mills. We aim to work as locally as we possibly can.

We have all the ideas and are itching to get started with production, so now we are seeking money to buy woollen yarns to sample and produce the first collection of Tweeds. This project marks the start of what we hope will be a blossoming creative partnership, we just need a little help with funding to get it started. We hope you will support our idea.

Kate and Helen, (Millbank & Foot)

Fund 101



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